Since 1995, the Oddly Fluffy Anthropomorphic MUCK

FluffMUCK is a furry-themed (anthropomorphic) TinyMUCK, with a primarily social atmosphere and ocassional light-hearted roleplay.

Fluff has been through a lot through the years, and the administration would like to thank everyone who had a part in its operation, construction, and of course all the players who have frequented the MUCK over the years.

Our address is still 8888; stop in and say hi! Use a MUCK client such as TinyFugue, BeipMU, SimpleMU, or similar.

Character requests are once again open. If you would like a character, simply visit our Character Request Form and follow the directions. Do stop in as a Guest first to find out what the place is like, though!

FluffMUCK has been around for over 15 years! We don't have the crowds we used to have back then, but it's still something to be proud of. The MUCK was around long before YouTube, MySpace, Facebook or any of those other new-fangled services. Viva Fluff!

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Just for fun: Ancient map of FluffMUCK

Also for fun: Some of the original FluffMUCK Wizards in "Real Life" at FurtherConfusion '99
(Left to right: fEk, Zorin, Sennard (was not a wizard, but a cool guy nonetheless), Marlos, Rieshal)