Since 1995, the Oddly Fluffy Anthropomorphic MUCK

FluffMUCK is a furry-themed (anthropomorphic) TinyMUCK, with a primarily social atmosphere and ocassional light-hearted roleplay.

Founded by Zorin the Lynx and Inkypaws the Ferret in 1995, it has a long history of people coming together online to have a good time. FluffMUCK predates Twitter, Facebook, Instagram... heck, pretty much everything! A few couples have even gotten married after meeting each other on Fluff.

Though the MUCK's heydey has passed, Zorin continues to run the system for its small remaining playerbase, and of course all are welcome to join. Type "info character" after connecting as a Guest to learn how.

Our address is still 8888; stop in and say hi! Use a MUCK client such as TinyFugue, BeipMU, SimpleMU, or similar.

The art above is by Gene Catlow, aka Albert Temple, who sadly passed away in 2017. He was a wonderful person all around and will be sorely missed.

FluffMUCK User Help Page

Ancient map of FluffMUCK

Random FluffMUCK Musings

Some of the original FluffMUCK Wizards in "Real Life" at FurtherConfusion '99
(Left to right: fEk, Zorin, Sennard (was not a wizard, but a cool guy nonetheless), Marlos, Rieshal)

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